EHS 2000 Quilt Photo Album

The fifth annual Women's History Month quilt exhibit includes more than 80 quilts and quilted items made by a number of quilters and collectors from the Dakota County area. This year's featured Minnesota quilt artist is Audree Sells from Chaska. The quilts were hung around the atrium of the library during the month of March. Click on the quilt images below to see a larger image of each of them.

1. Ribbon of Life, 1999, an original design by Debbie Czeck with hand applique, hand quilting, beading, and pen and ink art work.



  2. Row by Row, 1998, the members of Scrapbggers Quilt Group pieced a theme row for each other using the individual's chosen color scheme. After exchanging rows, the owner decided the order, how to sash them, and which borders to add. This was completed by Lori Gillick and quilted at the Quilted Sandwich by Annemarie Yohnk.
  3. Celebrate! 1999, a calendar quilt designed and pieced by Lori Gillick. Lori created a block for each month and used this quilt as the teaching sample for her block of the month class. Quilted at the Quilted Sandwich by Annemarie Yohnk..





  4. Hail to the Women, 1998, made by Lee Bowton as a raffle quilt for the Women Veterans of Minnesota. She was inspired after a visit to the newly erected Womens' War Memorial in Washington, D.C. This quilt was won by Laura Nagel who had to take a chance on a patriotic quilt since her birthday is on Flag Day.
  5. Round Robin, by Chris Peterson. Members of Audree Sells' quilt group, CAQC, each made an original theme block for the center of the quilt which was passed around to five other members. Each member added a new border to complement the theme of the quilt. The first person added a triangular pieced border, the second border was appliqued, the third used pieced rectangles and squares, the fourth required curved piecing, and the final border, called "anything goes", was left to the discretion of the last quilter. It was a year before the finished top was returned to the owner, who then put on any finishing touches and did the quilting.






  6. Sailing Away, a sampler made by Melanie Miles. This was her first quilt which started as lap size but grew when she developed a nautical theme by adding the center medallion of sailboats.
  7. Lone Star, 1999, machine pieced and hand quilted by Debbie Dukelow.




  8. Snowflakes Falling on Christmas Day, machine pieced by Barb Boyd using the Burgoyne Surrounded pattern and an assortment of her Christmas prints. Machine quilted by Julann's Stitchery.
  9. Christmas Joy, 1999, the pattern for this quilt , "All Through the House", came from the Quilter's Newsletter magazine's 1999 "Quilt It for Christmas" magazine. It is machine pieced and machine quilted by Etta Crowell Mather.




  10.Constellations Kaleidoscope made by Laura Harris and quilted by Marlene Davidson for Laura’s 8 year old son, Garrison.  A fun mystery quilt made as part of Country Peddler’s annual Red Wing retreat; pattern by Debbie McCaffrey.
  11. Art Is Serious Business 1991, children painted their version of downtown Minneapolis during the impressionist exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Quilted with names and dates of artists in the exhibit. Hand appliqued and hand quilted on cotton by Audree Sells.




  12. Garden Pool, 1989, adapted from a painting on the cover of a 1928 Better Homes and Gardens magazine. This quilt traveled Japan and the United States in the "Fabric Gardens" exhibit for 18 months. Hand appliqued and quilted with all cotton fabrics and low loft polyester batting by Audree Sells.
  13. Bitter Aftertaste, 1994, an original design using a variety of applique methods. Hand quilted, hand and machine appliqued with cotton fabric and low-loft polyester batting by Audree Sells.




  14. Weaver Feaver, a complex pattern that is actually made into blocks first and then assembled into rows by Kim Fitzke.
  15. King's Crown Takes Flight, 1999, an original design by Debbie Czeck which is paper pieced, machine pieced, and hand appliqued with hand and machine quilting and art work of pen and ink, and colored pencils.




  16. Liberty, 1990's, Fran Megarry named this applique quilt for her favorite fabric, Liberty of London,which she used sparingly in the quilt - "not too much, it's too expensive".

  17. Round Robin, Vicky Ress

See 5




  18. Double Wedding Ring, in 1930 a woman put together this quilt top which was later found by her granddaughter in her estate. The granddaughter attempted to make it into a quilt which Marilyn Nichols bought at a flee market. Marilyn took it apart and quilted it again using a wool batting salvaged from her own grandmother's quilt.
  19. Sunbonnet Girl, 1999, stained glass applique quilt made for Sally Brakke's daughter, Ana, by a friend.




  20. Easy Star Sampler in Pastels, a fun, contemporary sampler quilt made by Ann Palmer.
  21. Dresden Plate, 1999, Char Delaney had a set of unfinished Dresden Plates. After one of the EHS Quilt Displays she asked a group of quilters if they would turn the blocks into a completed quilt so she could preserve her family history. The work was completed in two years by Laura Nagel, Annemarie Yohnk, Lori Gillick, Ann Kraayenbrink, and Glenda Jones.




  22. Peggy's Wedding Quilt, 1999, this quilt was pieced from a Northwoods pattern by Gail Kieper as a wedding gift for her daughter who will be married in Colorado in June 2000. Quilted at the Quilted Sandwich by Annemarie Yohnk.
  23. Four Seasons of Woman, 1992, inspired by an 1880 painting by Emile Bernard. The four panels depict the seasons of woman from youth to old age. Hand appliqued and hand quilted with cotton fabrics and cotton batting by Audree Sells.





  24. Round Robin, Dianne Prentice

See 5
  25. Millennium & Beyond, Kaye Goers, Challenge Quilts, We're pleased to display two challenge projects. The first, numbers 25-41, sponsored by Dakota County Star Quilters, used the purple confetti fabric as the challenge fabric. This fabric had to be used on the surface of the quilt and the quilter could add as many other fabrics as her design dictated. These quilts were judged at the Dakota County Historical Society, February 2000.





  26. Grandma Said, Eleanor Daly

See 25

  27. Celebrate Spring, Mo Johnson

See 25





  28. Spring, Sylvia Hakala

See 25

  29. A Circus Celebration, Mary Lou Curtis

See 25





  30. Celebrate Mardi Gras, Janet Schuetze

 See 25

  31. Party Time, Jackie Grinde

 See 25





  32. Celebrate The Old With The New, Karen Shear

 See 25

  33. Fat Tuesday, Barb Boyd

 See 25





  34. Millennium Star, Trisha Millonig

 See 25

  35. Hearts Are Wild, Edie Rugh Pavlak

 See 25





  36. DNA: A Celebration of Life, Jean Oberpriller

 See 25

  37. Come On And Celebrate, Debbie Czeck

 See 25





 38. Rainbow of Colors, Jerilyn Birnie

 See 25

 39. Star Light, Jeannette Root

 See 25





 40. Fireworks, Karen Asmundson

 See 25

 41. Double Pinwheel, a vintage pattern quilt by Doris Howare

 See 25




  42. Nancy Carlson Books, 2000, made by Mrs. Dustrud's Second Grade Class at Southview Elementary School following a visit by the author. They made the quilt to remember some of the 44 books she has written. The class also made two other quilts this year which they donated to the Dakota County Crisis Nursery.
 43. It's A Girl, 1999, this baby quilt was made for Sally Brakke's daughter, Ana, by Jessica McGinley's class using fabric markers. Pieced and quilted by Ruth Ament.




 44. Dresdens in the Garden, 1999, Karen Joosten bought the "plates" at a flea market and found the Dresden Plate/Garden Maze sashing pattern in a Traditional Quiltworks magazine. Karen hand quilted her completed top.
 45. Cathedral Window Round Robin, 1998, this quilt was inspired by a trip to Amsterdam. It was made by Fran Megarry and the Bag Ladies Quilt Group for her daughter, Heather.





 46. Round Robin, Jackie Olmstead

 See 5
 47. Star Sampler Jewel, Dianne Powell joined several members of her quilt group in making this contemporary quilt from Roxanne Carter's pattern, Easy Star Sampler. Quilted by Genii Lehmann.





 48. Round Robin, Joan Goetteman

 See 5
 49. Eagan in Autumn, Emilie Nystuen Kennedy found a quilt named "Leaf Symphony" in the September/October issue of Quiltmaker magazine and incorporated her favorite parts, the tumbling leaves and edging, into this quilt.




 50. Fan-Tastic, machine pieced by Barb Boyd, machine quilted by Julann's Stitchery. Note the kaleidoscopic look of this Japanese print when cut with the "Stack 'n' Whack" method.
 51. Elizabeth's Bugs, 1997-1999, by Marilyn Mayr Boros-Potts. When Marilyn's 5 year old daughter was 2, she fell in love with bugs. This quilt was made in honor of the great joy Elizabeth found in her little 6-legged friends.




 52. New York Beauty, 1998, the traditional New York Beauty blocks are turned to tessellate into four point stars. The abundance of beautiful quilters' fabric makes this paper foundation pattern by Karen Stone interesting. Machine pieced and hand quilted with low-loft batting by Audree Sells.
 53. And Jack's Mother Threw the Magic Beans Out of the Window, 1993, using left overs from Audree's garment sewing days, the magic beans grew into gigantic blooms. This quilt was the Minnesota winner in the Lands End/Good Housekeeping magazine contest, "If Quilts Could Talk". It is registered in the Folk Art Division in the Library of Congress, Washington D.C. Hand appliqued and quilted with beading using a variety of fabric content and cotton batting by Audree Sells.




 54. Baskets, purchased at an antique shop, from the collection of Jan Stoven.
 55. Confetti, a fun contemporary quilt made by Kim Fitzke with funky black and white fabrics and sprinkles of "confetti" thrown across it.




 56. Round About My Colorful Cabin, a contemporary quilt first planned in pastels on a white background by Myrna C. G. Mibus, who's preference for bright colors won out. Begun in 1996, the top was completed at a quilt retreat in 1998, then quilted by Marlene Davison. Myrna is proud to say this is the first big quilt she has finished.
 57. Crown of Thorns, a contemporary quilt using paper piecing on the arcs made by Ann Palmer using a pattern found in the 1998 edition of American Patchwork and Quilting Quilt Sampler magazine.




 58. Rosebud, 1999, this is a quilt pattern by Debbie Caffrey, machine pieced and hand quilted by Etta Crowell Mather.

 59. Round Robin, Audree Sells

See 5



 60. Ruth Ament, Challenge Quilts, We're pleased to display two challenge projects. The second group, numbers 60-68, was made by Scrapbaggers, who used a primary juvenile print as their challenge fabric. This fabric had to be used on the surface of the quilt and the quilter could add as many other fabrics as her design dictated. All the quilts have a children's theme and will be donated as baby memory quilts to the Minnesota Pregnancy and Infant Loss Center.

 61. Challenge Quilt, Gail Kieper

See 60





  62.Challenge Quilt, Barb Fetrl

See 60

  63.Challenge Quilt, Etta Crowell Mather

See 60





  64.Challenge Quilt, Barb Boyd

See 60

  65.Challenge Quilt, Ann Kraayenbrink

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 66. Challenge Quilt, Kathy Carney

See 60

 67. Challenge Quilt, Lori Gillick

See 60





 68. Challenge Quilt, Janet Schuetze

See 60
 69. Fall Leaves, 1999, this is the first quilt made by Katherine Megarry. It started as a leaf block to which she kept adding, fixing parts she didn't like. Next time she thinks she'll use a pattern.




 70. Trip Around the World, this was originally made as a pillow cover in the 1930's. From the collection of Annemarie Yohnk.
 71. Cats in the Garden, 1999, machine pieced and hand quilted by Pat Thomas. She liked the garden "witches" in the border fabric.




 72. Miniature Quilts for Every Season, 1998, a Christmas gift for Laura Nagel made by Laurie Kochis.

 73. Chicago Bound, Jolene Graham

See 25




 74. Flower Basket, 1998, Pat Thomas machine pieced and hand quilted this wallhanging for her daughter, Sandy, on her 30th birthday.
 75. Victorian Handbag, made using silk ribbon embroidery as a sample for a class Annemarie Yohnk taught at Glad Creations.




 76. Vintage Sewing Basket, 1999, a Christmas gift for Annemarie Yohnk made by Laura Nagel based on a Victorian pattern. This basket was made with wool and lined with reproduction French Toile. Antique buttons decorate the top and were used for the clasp.
 77. Stained Glass Trout, contemporary appliqued wallhanging made by Kim Fitzke as a Father's Day gift for her father who loves fish.




 78. Holiday Wreath, 1998, a Christmas gift paper pieced and quilted by Laura Nagel for Laurie Kochis.
 79. Let It Snow, 1993, a wallhanging machine pieced and quilted from a Debbie Mumm pattern by Annemarie Yohnk.




 80. Red Work Santa, 1999, a Christmas gift hand embroidered, machine pieced and quilted by Annemarie Yohnk for Laura Nagel.
 81. My Book Case, 1999, a miniature paper pieced design made by Laura Nagel for Laurie Kochis as a birthday gift.




 82. Checkers Anyone?, 1999, after Annemarie Yohnk admired this wallhanging in a quilt shop, Laura Nagel bought the pattern and made it for her as a birthday gift. They spent over a year looking for a full box of wooden checkers to go with it.
 83. Best Friends, 1999, Janet Schuetze was Laura Nagel's Secret Santa and was aware that she liked this pattern since she was making it for a friend. She knew Laura would send that one away so surprised her by making one to keep for Christmas.




 84. Dolly and Me, 1998, Hour glass quilt and doll made by H. M. R. C. of Mounds View for the small quilt auction at the 1998 Minnesota Quilters Show. Owned by Gail Kieper who bid on it because the quilt looks very old and the doll has an antique appearance.


This page was created March 2000